Conference 2017


The New School
66 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10011
United States

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  • Ela Kagel Managing Partner, SUPERMARKT

  • Douglas Rushkoff Founder, Laboratory for Digital Humanism at CUNY/Queens

  • Juan Jose Rodriguez Co-Founder, Aarhus Makers

  • Thorben Wieditz Lead, Campaign

  • Julie Miller Markoff Systems Change Architect, Non-Executive Director, Social Investor and Mother

  • Aaron Tanaka Director, Center for Economic Democracy & Co-Founder, Boston Ujima Project

  • Michelle Miller Co-Founder and Co-Director of

  • Marco Tognetti Co-Founder and Executive Director, Lama Agency & Design Management Professor, ISIA University in Florence

  • Mathias Sager Founder, Platform Cooperativism Japan Consortium in Tokyo

  • Pia Mancini Co-Founder, Open Collective & Chair, Democracy Earth Foundation

  • Picture of Nathan Schneider

    Nathan Schneider Assistant Professor of Media Studies, The University of Colorado Boulder

  • David Hammer Executive Director, ICA Group

  • Duncan Wallace Education Officer, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals

  • Brendan Martin Founder & Director, Working World

  • Marcy Chong Director of Research, Public Division, Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

  • Jutta Treviranus Director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre

  • Antti Virolainen Co-founder and COO at Sharetribe

  • Elena Como Head of Research& Evaluation, LAMA Agency,

  • danah boyd Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research & Founder/President, Data & Society.

  • Fredrik Söderqvist Senior Economist, Unionen

  • Trebor Scholz Founding Director of the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy, Platform Cooperativism Consortium, The New School

  • Sam Witherbee Launched & Co-Founder,

  • Ingrid Burrington Writer, Cartographer, & Comedienne

  • Brianna Wettlaufer Co-Founder, Stocksy

  • Teresa Munchick Co-Founder, The Movement

  • Yochai Benkler Jack N. and Lillian R. Berkman Professor for Entrepreneurial Legal Studies, Harvard University

  • Debby Kaplan Pioneer and Thought Leader in the Disability Civil Rights Movement

  • Ashley Taylor Cultural Activist

  • Deb Socia Executive Director, Next Century Cities

  • Matthew Cropp Community Operations Team Coordinator,

  • Yaso Cordova Affiliate, Berkman Klein Center, & Fellow at Digital Harvard Kennedy School and CTS-FGV

  • Palak Shah Founding Director of Fair Care Labs & Social Innovations Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

  • Nuno Silva Founding Member, Stocksy United

  • Marina Gorbis Executive Director of the Institute for the Future (IFTF)

  • Samer Hassan Faculty Associate, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society (Harvard Univ.) & Associate Professor, Univ. Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

  • Alex Wood Researcher, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK

  • Juliet Schor Professor of Sociology at Boston College

  • Brad Burnham Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures

  • Lieza Dessein Strategic Project Manager, SMart & Board of Directors, Coop

  • Jamie Burke CEO of Outlier Ventures, Europe's first blockchain venture capital firm

  • Maru Bautista At-Large Director, Center for Family Life

  • Derek Razo Co-ZFounder & Partner, Purpose Economy Ventures

  • Alicia Trepat Pont Fellow, Workable Future Program at the Institute for the Future

  • Alicia Garza Strategy and Partnerships Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance & Fo-founder, Black Lives Matter Network

  • Jen Horonjeff Founder and CEO of Savvy Cooperative

  • Ana Manzanero Publicist & Fellow in the Workable Future Initiative of the Institute for the Future

  • Lucius Gregory Meredith Musician and Mathematician

  • Caitlin Pierce Director of Advocacy and Member Engagement, Freelancers Union

  • Camille Kerr Founder & Principal of Upside Down Consulting

  • Maribel Torres Founding Member, Brightly Cleaning of Staten Island Co-op

  • Ana Martina Rivas Membership Director, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives

  • Howard Brodsky Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CCA Global Partners

  • Hal Plotkin Former Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of the Under Secretary of Education

  • Abigail Solomon Founder, Carina

  • Sasha Costanza Chock Associate Professor of Civic Media at MIT, Faculty Associate at Harvard’s Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society, and creator of the MIT Codesign Studio

  • Danny Spitzberg Lead Researcher, Turning Basin Labs

  • Felicia Wong President and CEO, Roosevelt Institute

  • Christina Jennings Executive Director, Shared Capital Cooperative

  • Damiano Avellino Co-founder, Fairbnb

  • Raz Godelnik Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management, The New School

  • Mara Zepeda Co-Founder and CEO of Switchboard, Co-Founder of the Zebra Movement, XXCelerate Fund & Business For a Better Portland

  • Joseph Blasi Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing, Rutgers University

  • Jim Kennedy Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate development at Associated Press

  • William Azaroff Executive Lead, Vancity