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The PCC Solidarity Collaboratory (SC) is a cross-sectoral organization for cooperatives and co-op adjacent organizations at the intersection of cooperative principles and the digital economy.

The Solidarity Collaboratory works with other organizations and social movements to achieve its vision.

Reasons to Join

  • The PCC Solidarity Collaboratory (SC) enables organizations to coordinate by sector, share resources, including technical infrastructure, research findings, and learning outcomes in this area.
  • By joining the SC, cooperatives and coop-adjacent organizations can increase their visibility, identify new business opportunities, and access our extensive international network.
  • The SC is a democratic organization that operates with financial transparency; it supports the work of the PCC. As a member of the SC, you have a voice in deciding the direction of the PCC Solidarity Collaboratory.

Join the SC today so that you too can make your mark on this new economy in the making!

If you are interested in joining the SC, please reach out to us at or visit our membership page and join today.

The following organizations have taken a stand for the future of cooperatives in the digital economy by joining the PCC Solidarity Collaboratory as members.

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