Platform Co-op School unites 45 organizations from 24 countries to research, learn about, and build fair, cooperative digital platforms that promote accountable and fair work 🌍

January 25th to July 15th, 2023

22 learning sessions:

Guest speaker highlights

Adriane Clomax (ICDE fellow), Erik Forman (Drivers Cooperative), Ra Criscitiello (SEIU United Healthcare Workers West), Jad Esber (ICDE fellow), Anita Gurumurthy (IT4Change), Denise Kasparian (ICDE fellow), Santosh Kumar (ICA), Ines Lopez (Pescadata/Cobi), and Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado), Vera Negri Zamagni (University of Bologna) and many others

Bring your crew along for the learning journey!

Who is it for?
Our program brings together platform workers, members of cooperatives, technologists, policymakers, researchers, disenchanted social media users, advocates and allies, and university students.

What if you don’t speak English?

The language for Platform Co-op School is English, but for the 6 business courses, Spanish translation will be available.

Time commitment
The six one-day business courses meet Saturdays, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Eastern Time (consult page for details)
All other events are held on Wednesdays 12:10 pm to 2:00 pm Eastern Time, with two exceptions (check seminars, assemblies, and theory jams)

What about your time zone?
The sessions for this event are predominantly held in Eastern Time (EST and later in March, EDT). There are, however, also two sessions that are scheduled for Australian and Indian time zones. All of the sessions are recorded for those who are unable to attend.

Event formats
The formats of our program reflect the needs and interests of these different groups and include “theory jam sessions“, meaning short symposia and lectures, business trainings, community assemblies that allow for time to connect and have your voice heard, and traditional seminars.

Where do I register?
Theory Jam Sessions, Community Assemblies, and Seminars:
available for registration at a cost of $110 for 15 weeks in high-income countries and a $40 registration fee for the global majority.

  • General public register at this link.|
    If you live in a low-income country, follow the scholarship link on the registration website. On that page, the countries that receive discounts are listed and, at the bottom of that page, you’ll find the discount code. The last day to enroll is February 12th. With problems, please email pcc@newschool.edu
  • New School undergraduate students follow this link The last day for enrollment is February 5th.
  • New School graduate students click here The last day enrollment day is February 5th
    Attention New School students: If you enroll in the Digital Democracy course, you are welcome to attend any events after May 17th, but it is not mandatory.

Six one-day business courses
Follow this link to learn more and register. We highly recommend signing up for the package of all 6 business courses to take advantage of a significant discount. This could be a great option for cooperative groups looking to receive training. If you are ready to take that step, contact us.

45 partner organizations from 24 countries partner with PCC for Platform Co-op School:
Partners play a crucial role in engaging their communities in the program and facilitating events and learning opportunities about the course material.

For the 2023 Platform Co-op School, PCC brings together a group of over 45 partner organizations from 25 countries across 5 continents, including The PCC Solidarity Collaboratory (Global), Platform Cooperativism Consortium Indonesia, Platform Cooperativism Consortium Hong Kong (China), Aapti Institute (India), Autonomy Think Tank (UK), BlockchainGov ERC Project (France), Centre for Cultural Research and Development at Lingnan University, Hong Kong (China), COBI (Mexico), Coompanion Sverige (Sweden), Cooperative Support Services (Nigeria), Co-operatives UK, CyberMonday (UK), Democracy Collaborative (US), diesis (EU), Exit to Community (US), Fairwork (Global), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Futurist Circle (Shanghai, China), Fundación Confiar (Colombia), FORUS platform coop (South Africa/Switzerland), Gest.coop (Spain), HYPHA Worker Co-operative (Canada), India China Institute at The New School (US), Institute on Race, Power, & Political Economy at The New School (US), Institute of Network Cultures (Netherlands), Maison des Cooperatives Togo (Togo), Malta Co-operative Federation, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (India), NCBA CLUSA (US), NeedsMap (Turkey), New Citizenship Project (UK), OwnCo (Germany), Peru Tres i Coop (Peru), RedRoots artists cooperative (Philippines), Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations (US), Solidarity Hall (US), Srishti Manipal Institute of Art & Technology (India), Start.coop (US), STARTIN’ BLOX (Belgium), The Israeli Cooperatives Alliance for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice (Israel), The University of Edinburgh School of Social & Political Science (UK), The Urban Systems Lab at The New School (US), Unidad de Innovación Social, UiS (Navarra), Universidad Federal do Paraná (Brazil), Universidad Intercultural de Chiapas (Mexico), University of the Western Cape (South Africa), Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (Switzerland), Autogestionadas and Observatorio de Economía Popular Social y Solidaria (OEPSS) (Argentina), Observatorio Social sobre Empresas Recuperadas (OSERA) (Argentina), Smart.coop (Europe).


Our team consists of researchers around the world investigating the state of platform cooperatives.