Denise Kasparian is a researcher of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council and an assistant professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. She is a sociologist and holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. Her dissertation analyses new experiences of worker cooperativism at the intersection of the organization of the socio-productive process and social conflict. It poses the question of conflict in these new forms of work, such as worker-recuperated enterprises and cooperatives created by social policy.

At present, Kasparian’s work focuses on self-management, cooperativism, and the social and solidarity economy. She also teaches platform cooperativism courses at IUCOOP, a university developed by the cooperative movement. As a fellow of the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy at The New School, she inquires into the opportunities and challenges for the expansion of the co-op federation and digital infrastructure provider CoopCycle in Argentina.

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