Can Platform Cooperatives Aid the Basque Country and Further Afield, the Global South?

  • Nov 6, 2022 10:15–11:45AM

  • Observatory

Guided by Trebor Scholz.


The Basque Country has a strong cooperative business culture. This cooperative tradition has helped the Basque Country weather several economic crises, and it may well establish the foundation for this region to become a key hub for digital cooperatives. Sain López, co-founder of the Mondragon Team Academy, studies the Basque platform co-op ecosystem. Platform Coops Now! is presented by Aitor Lizarza Martin. Natxo Devicente of Mundukide promotes cooperatives in the Global South through cooperatives. Raul Amorim, a leader of the Brazilian Landless Movement, believes that platform cooperatives can help them sell their products through non-traditional channels.

Nurturing the Growth of a Basque Digital Cooperative Ecosystem

Sain López, co-founder of Mondragon Team Academy, will analyze how the platform co-op ecosystem can be established and supported by the Basque government, as well as the  Mondragon, a network of consumer and worker coops in that region. She will also discuss case studies of some viable platform cooperatives in this region. Sain believes that lessons from the widely known cooperative tradition of the Basque country can be applied to the creation of successful platform cooperatives. She will outline how the Basque government can support these types of businesses and how cooperatives can team up to build a flourishing ecosystem. By considering these achievements, and relatedly, new municipalism, we can learn how to foster more conducive environments for platform cooperatives worldwide.

Platform Coops Now!

Aitor Lizarza Martin is the Mondragón Team Academy Entrepreneurship Coordinator at the University of Mondragón. Aitor has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share regarding platform coops, in addition to the “Platform Coops Now!” course offered by PCC and Mondragon University. He also has ambitious plans for the future of the Platform Coop Lab at the University of Mondragon. In this workshop, Aitor will examine each of these topics in depth and provide practical insights into the operation of platform cooperatives. This workshop will provide participants with a deeper understanding of how to create and run a successful platform coop.


From the Mundukide Frontline: Building Better Futures Through Cooperatives
Mundukide member Natxo Devicente who also works with the Landless Movement, shares Mondragon’s values and goal of assisting poor communities through cooperatives. Mundukide educates and finances cooperatives in the Global South in order to promote self-management, gender equality, and community participation.


How Digital Cooperatives Can Help the Landless Movement

Raul Amorim, Coordinator of the Youth Collective of the Brazilian Landless Workers’ Movement, believes that digital cooperatives can help the landless movement gain visibility and reach while also providing a new source of income. He specifically urges the landless movement to form digital cooperatives to bring agricultural products directly to urban consumers to receive more fair and equal compensation for their work. Amorim also believes that establishing digital cooperatives will allow the movement to reach a larger audience and tell its story. As a result, digital cooperatives have the potential to provide a much-needed boost to the Landless Movement.


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