Conference 2016


  • November 11–13, 2016

  • The New School
    New York, NY
    United States

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  • David Carroll Co-founder, CEO of

  • Picture of Francesca Bria

    Francesca Bria President, Italian National Innovation Fund

  • Silvia Zuur Board member, Enspiral Foundation & Co-Founder of Chalkle and EXP

  • Nick Green Policy advisor to the Hon. Dr. Andrew Leigh, Shadow Assistant Treasurer in the Australian Parliament.

  • Fredrik Söderqvist Senior Economist, Unionen

  • Micky Metts Worker/Owner, Agaric

  • Rylan Peery Co-founder, CoLab

  • Mayo Fuster Morell PhD, Dimmons IN3, Open University of Catalonia

  • Richard Barbrook Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Westminster

  • Mark Graham

    Mark Graham Professor of Internet Geography, Oxford Internet Institute

  • Sito Veracruz Entrepreneur and Urban consultant

  • Picture of Carolin Woolard

    Caroline Woolard Director of Research and Partnerships, Open Collective &

  • Yochai Benkler Jack N. and Lillian R. Berkman Professor for Entrepreneurial Legal Studies, Harvard University

  • Trebor Scholz Researcher, author, New School professor, and Founding Director of the PCC

  • Christian Sweeney Deputy Organizing Director, AFL-CIO

  • Armin Steuernagel Co-Founder, Purpose Foundation & PurposeCapital

  • Douglas Rushkoff Founder, Laboratory for Digital Humanism at CUNY/Queens

  • Evan Henshaw Plath Independent Consultant and Research Affiliate, The Center for Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab

  • Brianna Wettlaufer Co-Founder, Stocksy

  • Vanessa Barth Works for IG Metall

  • Ria Lancaster Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) & Co-Owner and board member at NursesCan

  • Joshua Danielson Co-Founder and CEO, Loconomics Cooperative, Inc.

  • Leonard Smith Director of Organizing and Strategic Campaigns for Teamsters Local 117

  • Neal Gorenflo Co-Founder and Chief editor, Shareable

  • Jack Linchuan Qiu Professor, Platform Cooperativism Consortium HK, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Darren Sharp Founder and Director, Social Surplus

  • Michael Peck Co-Founder & Executive Director of

  • Annette Mühlberg Works for the United Services Union

  • Andreas Hartl Senior Government Official, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

  • Picture of Felix Weth

    Felix Weth CEO, Platform21

  • Frisia Donders Strategic Development, SMart

  • Dawn Gearhart Representative, Organizer, and Lobbyist, Teamsters Local 117

  • Emma Yorra Co-Director of the Cooperative Development Program at the Center for Family Life (CFL) in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

  • Picture of Nathan Schneider

    Nathan Schneider Assistant Professor of Media Studies, The University of Colorado Boulder

  • Ayad Al-Ani Associated Researcher, Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

  • Paola Villarreal Systems Programmer & Fellow at the Open Documentary Lab at MIT's Comparative Media Studies, at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and a Data Science Fellow at the ACLU of Massachusetts

  • Camille Kerr Founder & Principal of Upside Down Consulting

  • Hanan El-Youssef Director of Strategy of the International Co-operative Alliance

  • Wolfgang Kowalsky European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)

  • Peter Bosmans Director, FEBECOOP

  • Sasha Costanza-Chock Associate Professor of Civic Media at MIT, Faculty Associate at Harvard’s Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society, and creator of the MIT Codesign Studio

  • Erika Logie UX/UI designer and Front-end Programmer, Yellow Seed

  • Giovanni Rinaldi President, National Cooperative Consortium Cooptecnital

  • Kristy Milland Community Manager of