Making the Co-op Case for Blockchain and Crypto (March 8)

This community assembly focuses on the topics typically discussed under the umbrella terms of distributed technologies, web3, blockchain, and crypto. It aims to convene individuals and organizations seeking to demystify these complex concepts and technologies, which remain a mystery to many cooperative members. Rather than permitting rogue actors to dominate crypto and related domains, the assembly seeks to seed cooperative values of solidarity in these domains.
—led by OwnCo, ITS Rio de Janeiro, Coopersystem (as part of the PCC Solidarity Collaboratory).

This is a Community Assembly on Mutual Aid & Tech, convened by the PCC Solidarity Collaboratory (led by Rekursive, ITS, Coopersystem), as part of Platform Co-op School 2023.

Mar 8th, 12.10 pm — 2 pm EST.

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