Janelle Orsi

My contribution to the platform cooperativism movement involves developing the legal, financial, and governance frameworks for cooperatives. For creators of platform cooperatives, structuring these entities to genuinely benefit users involves extensive planning. I guide them through the complexities of what their cooperative will do with its earnings, how members will engage in decision-making, and the creation of bylaws and policies. Key considerations include nominating board candidates, conducting board elections, and proposing ideas within the cooperative. These elements, often absent in traditional company bylaws, are vital for distributing power and earnings equitably within cooperatives.

Additionally, as a lawyer who often deals with complex legalese, I balance this with a creative approach: I draw cartoons. These cartoons simplify and illustrate intricate governance, financial concepts, and legal structures. They also serve to inspire and foster hope, helping people visualize a future where platform cooperatives could replace dominant corporations like Uber and Airbnb, which often take significant cuts from user earnings. My goal is to replace these models with cooperatives designed to maximize returns to users, instilling a sense of optimism and focusing on sustainable legal structures that support this vision in the long term.