• Nov 4, 2022 2:30–4:30PM

  • Auditorium + Observatory

An unconference is a type of conference where the agenda and topics are decided by the attendees, rather than the organizers.
This part of the conference is not like most others you’ve attended. You are not only spoken to here, but you can actively participate. An unconference is a gathering in which the agenda is developed and shaped by the participants. The participants, not the organizers, have control of the event. Unconferences can have a topic, but there is no set schedule or list of speakers. Instead, participants create their own discussion topics and decide when and where to hold sessions. 

By encouraging an open exchange of ideas, unconferences promote networking and collaboration.

Facilitated by Fabro Steibel 

How do unconferences work? 

  1. Bring an idea of what you might want to present in this session. 
  2. If there are too many topics, your host, Fabro Steibel, will bundle similar topics. 
  3. Self-designated speakers are then assigned a location for their presentation. 
  4. People who are interested in the subject matter will join. 
  5. One person per group will briefly share a summary of the talk afterward.

File Swap
Would you like to dig deeper, learn more about the discussed topics, or have documents to share? Download PDFs of the presentations, background readings, and/or upload your own materials to this folder for English and to this folder for Portuguese.


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