Rafael Zanatta on Platform Cooperativism in Brazil

  • Nov 5, 2022 9:30–10:15AM

  • Auditorium

Rafael Zanatta will talk about the origins of the platform cooperativism movement in Brazil, as well as the key differences between institutionalized platform cooperativism, which puts the emphasis on open innovation, and non-institutionalized platform cooperativism, which focuses on social justice and the fight against precarious labor in Brazil. Based on this distinction, he will investigate the possibility of inductive public policies in Brazil, as well as greater collaboration among various organizations in this emerging sector working to create a more democratic, innovative, and equitable platform economy.

In recent years, more municipal policymakers have begun to encourage and facilitate the formation of platform cooperatives. The PCC/ITS report by Rafael Zanatta and the PCC/Berggruen Institute report by Trebor Scholz et al. are two important studies that investigate how municipal policymakers can and do support the expansion of platform cooperatives. The reports illustrate how municipal policymakers in Brazil and beyond can foster a conducive environment for this movement. In doing so, they can contribute to the creation of decent work, the development of resilient communities, and the advancement of economic democracy in Brazil. 


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