James Muldoon on Platform Socialism

  • Nov 4, 2022 5:00–5:45PM

  • Auditorium

In his book Platform Socialism, James Muldoon advocates for democratic control over platforms and supports platform cooperatives as part of a broader sequence of turning points on the path to platform socialism. He argues that existing platforms are undemocratic and extractive, and that they need to be reformed in order to create a more equitable and just society. To achieve this, he proposes a series of steps, including the establishment of worker-owned (platform) cooperatives, municipal ownership over certain digital infrastructure and the creation of public platforms at the national and international levels. He acknowledges that these changes will not happen overnight, but believes that they are essential in order to create a more just and equitable digital society. We hope that more people will read this book and begin to think about how we can create a more equitable and democratic future through ownership and control of our platforms.


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