Platform Co-ops Unplugged

  • Nov 8, 2019 11:50AM–1:30PM

  • Wollman Hall - Room B500, 5th Floor
    The Eugene Lang Building
    65 West 11th Street, NYC

As you enter Wollman Hall for the Platform Co-ops Unplugged session, you’ll hear the following songs. We asked Prof. Daniel Blake and his Music for Political Action Fall 2019 course at The New School to select and research the history of songs that relate to our event. We will play the songs throughout the days of the conference. You will find descriptions of these songs, researched and written by his students, after the biographies at the end of the print program.

“Tudo que você podia ser” (“All That You Could Be”) by Clube da Esquina

“El cinismo de los poderosos” (“The Cynicism of the Powerful”) by Pablo Cabrera (Cooparte)

“Latinoamérica” (“Latin America”) by Calle 13 

“Amor a mi clase” (“Love to My Class”) by Pipe Diaz (La Insurgencia) 

About This Session
Think of the Platform Co-ops Unplugged session as a festival of ideas. Ask participants anything. You can walk up to the 15 delegates who will be showcasing their projects on an easel. Ask them questions and make connections. Or, you can grab an easel and present yourself on a first-come, first-served basis. Link up with allied projects around the world at various stages of development, swap print material, and find ‘the others.’ Have an informal exchange about ongoing and planned research. Meet old friends and make new ones. Upload materials that you want people to read in the File Swap folder, reference below.

Please see the delegates who are slated to showcase their work below.

File Swap 
Would you like to dig deeper, learn more about the discussed topics, or have documents to share? Download PDFs of the presentations, background readings, and/or upload your own materials to this folder

This session will conclude with an appeal by Hal Plotkin.


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