Nicole Alix is chairwoman of ‘La Coop des Communs,’ an organization whose main purpose is to strengthen the dynamics of the commons by drawing on the experience of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the perspective of a renewed citizenship – something that is made all the more necessary by the ecological transition. ‘La Coop des Communs’ is a learning community, one that encompasses various working groups, projects and action-research programs (digital cooperative platforms, local service commons, agriculture and food, etc.). It brings together practitioners and researchers. One of its main projects is Plateformes en Communs, which has been initiated in 2017.

Nicole, now retired, has also been involved in the SSE for 40 years through her work with HEC Business School. As former director of development at ‘Crédit Coopératif’, a French cooperative bank, she has also been involved in the non-profit welfare sector (DGA of UNIOPSS, an umbrella organization; CEO of the group of Isatis retirement homes) and has participated in several European or international networks (Confrontations Europe, Rencontres du Mont Blanc, SSE Task Force in the United Nations). Besides, she is co-author of ‘Towards a Republic of commons?’ and a member of the French High Council for Associations.