Seeding Tomorrow: Generative AI, Farming Data, and the Commons

Join us “Seeding Tomorrow: Generative AI, Farming Data, and the Commons,” a mini-course aimed at navigating the pivotal questions surrounding the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture, particularly in enhancing data management, optimizing financial strategies, and advocating for the principle of shared resources, or “the commons.” This course is tailored to showcase the transformative potential of AI technologies in farming by providing practical insights and examples from Kenya, Bangladesh, and the United States. We aim to discuss the essential inquiries regarding how generative AI can facilitate better resource management, elevate crop production, and make crucial data more accessible and beneficial for farmers. By concentrating on real-world applications and outcomes, our objective is to highlight how these technological advances can lead to tangible, equitable improvements across the farming sector, driving us toward a future of sustainable and productive agriculture by asking the right questions about AI, the commons, and data.

April 25, 11:30 am to 1:00pm EDT

Online synchronous

Learning Coaches: John Kieti, Trebor Scholz, Nargish Fatema

Cost: $180
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