Lessons from Failed Platform Co-ops

On May 9th, 2024, we will explore the journeys of ‘failed’ platform cooperatives like Ampled, recognizing the value in both their struggles and the collective effort to overcome them. We’ll have a constructive dialogue on overcoming shared challenges, the dynamics of market competition, governance structures, and the pivotal role of technology. At 4 pm Eastern Standard Time, our conversation will not merely recount these enterprises’ failures but will celebrate the perseverance of those who faced these challenges head-on. Drawing parallels to the Kintsugi philosophy, we find a meaningful connection—not in the act of repair, but in celebrating the commitment and innovation that emerge from addressing failure, thereby laying a foundation for the resilience of future collectives.

Speakers will include Austin Robey
Austin Robey, co-founder of Ampled, shares insights from leading a musician-supported platform aimed at equitable artist prosperity, which faced significant challenges.

Thursday, May 9th
4:00 pm – 5:10 pm EDT (Time zone converter)


Short presentations followed by discussions

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