Unconference Sessions

The New School
5th Ave/13th st

Starr Foundation Hall, UL102 >5th Ave/13th st
Holochain: a new people centered approach to platforms. Distributed. Bottom-Up. Adaptive. (Matthew Schutte) The technology of trust: blockchain, ai and internet to leverage fractal autonomy and holographic accountability.
A technology allowing coop platforms to use the blockchain for trust and value redistribution (hexalina)

UL104<br>5th Ave/13th st
Tools for building culture without consensus (drew Hornbein)

UL105 5th Ave/13th st
Codesign of platform coops (Sasha Costanza-Chock)

Bark Room<br>5th Ave/13th st<br>- Terms of Service/Code of Conduct for Twitter & other platforms (Niloufar Salehi)

Kellen Auditorium Room 101 66 5th Ave
Which policies could support platform coop? Cities role? (Mayo Fuster – Barcelona) After “Uberization”: Disrupting the corporate sharing economy


  • Niloufar Salehi PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University

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