Platform Cooperativism and the Gig Economy

  • Nov 11, 2016 3:30–3:45PM

  • The New School
    Wollman Hall,
    Eugene Lang College
    5th floor
    65 West 11th St

Even while partisan gridlock hinders efforts to improve conditions for gig economy workers at the state and national levels, municipalities can immediately pass laws to raise the floor for gig economy workers, (as the NYC Council is currently considering). But outside of passing new laws, cities can foster the development of new, alternative and cooperative models for work. Worker cooperatives provide clear paths to higher wages and stable employment. Applying the cooperative model to “on-demand”platforms will more equitably distribute the benefits of increased convenience to both workers and consumers alike. With Platform Cooperativism, we can transform how we organize workers and provide benefits.Together, working hand in hand with policymakers, advocates, workers and entrepreneurs, we and leverage the power of technology to create more equitable, inclusive communities for all.


  • Brad Lander Member of the New York City Council, New York City Council

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