Screening of The Gig Is Up

“The Gig Is Up” is a thought-provoking documentary that shares the real experiences of workers from companies such as Uber, Amazon, and Deliveroo to shed light on the hidden costs of the platform economy. The film delves into the realities of this shadow workforce, such as hazardous working conditions, unpredictable pay, and the risk of being terminated because of deactivation or low ratings. The film reveals the human consequences of the gig economy through its global array of characters and calls into question the glamour of technology that we are sold. “The Gig Is Up” is a strong call to action that challenges viewers to consider the real costs of the platform economy.

Before the Community Assembly on May 10th, we will make the documentary available for home screening among participants of Platform Co-op School. In the first half of the assembly, Trebor Scholz will be in conversation with filmmaker Sharon Welsh, and you can ask questions. The second half of the assembly will be dedicated to governance tech as planned.

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