[Report] “The Potential for Platform Cooperatives in the Mondragon Ecosystem” by Sain López

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López, Sain. 2023. The Potential for Platform Cooperatives in the Mondragon Ecosystem. Institute for the Cooperative Economy. Platform.coop. New York City: Platform Cooperativism Consortium. https://ia801602.us.archive.org/6/items/sain-lopez/

In her 2022/2023 ICDE Fellowship Report, Sain Milena López Pérez explores the potential of developing platform cooperatives within the Mondragon Corporation ecosystem. Mondragon Corporation, with its well-established history and clear values, is comprised of 240 businesses, 83 of which are cooperatives, providing employment to a total of 68,743 people across diverse industries. While these numbers are impressive, Mondragon’s cooperatives need to quickly adapt and make decisions that align with their principles and values, particularly in non-cooperative settings and in the digital age.

In her Report, Pérez explores the potential for platform cooperatives in the Mondragon network, discussing early initiatives such as Co-ops Work and Platform Coops Now!, as well as the cooperative marketplace for home care services called Bihar.coop. Pérez highlights health, social care, transport, and finance as promising sectors for platform cooperatives and proposes policy recommendations to support these efforts in the Basque Country. She plans to create a confederation for bike delivery worker co-ops in the region.

Download Sain Milena López Pérez’s ICDE Report here.