[Report] “A Policy Framework for Platform Cooperatives Grounded in U.S. History” by Sadev Parikh

Parikh, Sadev. 2023. A Policy Framework for Platform Cooperatives Grounded in U.S. History. Institute for the Cooperative Economy. Platform.coop. New York City: Platform Cooperativism Consortium. https://ia601609.us.archive.org/17/items/sadev-parikh/Sadev%20ParikhMarch8.pdf

In his 2022/2023 ICDE Fellowship Report, Sadev Parikh carries policy lessons learned from rural electric cooperatives and ESOPs to support platform cooperatives. Parikh’s advocates for alternatives to monopolistic tech companies and highlights the importance of public sector support in establishing a more equitable digital landscape. It acknowledges the need for continuous engagement and adaptability in cooperatives and addresses critiques of ESOPs. Beyond this, the report proposes a multi-pronged policy strategy including antitrust and interoperability improvements, learning from historical policy interventions, and emphasizing complementary advocacy, partnerships, and democratic participation.

The Report identifies potential solutions for supporting platform cooperatives, such as antitrust exemptions, federal loans, tax incentives, working groups, and regulatory exemptions. It calls for increased federal support, legal protection, cooperative education, and democratic governance, as well as support for employee ownership legislation, city task forces, technological partnerships, and the creation of a new agency to regulate the digital sector.

Download Sadev Parikh’s ICDE Report here