Mayo Fuster Forell

I am Mayo Fuster-Morell, coming here from Barcelona, and I am involved in three distinct roles. Firstly, as a researcher, I represent a project called Peer-to-Peer Value, where we explore the conditions that enhance value creation in commons-based production. This involves citizens collaborating through internet platforms to produce resources accessible as public goods. We’ve found that cooperative infrastructure on these platforms significantly boosts collaboration and enhances reputations online.

Secondly, I am active both as an activist and as a citizen. I’m involved with the Open Knowledge Foundation, as a Wikipedian, and as a regular activist. I believe that promoting an ideological shift in society is crucial, much like what was achieved in Spain with the Indignados movement. This significant citizen mobilization altered the political landscape and agenda after the 15-year mobilization, leading to notable changes.

The third aspect of my involvement stems from these movements gaining governmental power, which is essential for changing the economic system. In the last municipal elections in May, we won control of major city councils including Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. In Barcelona, where I collaborate directly, we are pushing public policies aimed at transitioning towards a more commons-oriented economic system.