Sumaya Geyer – Women of Worth Cooperative

I’m Sumayaha, and I work for Women of Worth. I’ve been with this co-op for six years, along with five other women, and we make bags for our township. I’m very happy here. I prefer working in co-ops because I can’t imagine returning to the big factories with their distant bosses—that’s why I plan to stay here. The day I leave will be the day I stop working altogether. What I appreciate most about our co-op is the understanding and support among us. If you have a personal issue, the response here is compassionate—you can take the time you need. In larger companies, personal problems are often dismissed, not considered the employer’s concern. But here, we share our challenges and support each other, which makes all the difference. That’s the essence of what goes on in co-ops. We avoid big factories where bosses are unyielding and uninterested in our lives outside work. At the co-op, there’s always help and understanding, no matter the problem. This environment has been a real lifeline for us all.