Lukas Reichel – Som Mobilitat

Hello, I’m Lukas Reichel from the cooperative Som Mobilitat, based in Barcelona, Catalonia. We are a local cooperative focused on sustainable mobility, primarily sharing cooperatively owned electric cars. We provide car sharing services for our members here in Catalonia, which requires a reliable system to reserve, access, and manage the cars remotely. To enhance our user experience, we collaborated with Partago from Belgium to develop an innovative app that we use daily for car sharing. Currently, we have 25 cars in operation.

Recognizing the complexity of developing such an app, we joined forces not only with Partago but also formed a cooperative of cooperatives. As founding members, we, along with 10 other cooperatives from across Europe—including the Netherlands and Germany—have developed this app for use by all members of our cooperative network. We call this network the Mobility Factory, and we are actively seeking new cooperative members from all over Europe or even globally. If you are looking to establish an e-car sharing service, please reach out. Join us, and together we can provide excellent products and services for all.