Tom Buechele is a PhD candidate in Sociology and Research Fellow at the Center for the Study of Culture, Technology and Work at the CUNY Grad Center. He is co-founder and member of the CUNY Digital Labor Working Group with Karen Gregory, Kara Van Cleaf and Andrew McKinney. He teaches Social Theory at Hunter College and Cultural Studies at Pratt Institute. His research includes the ways digital technologies work to both intensify, but also possibly counter (through perhaps more often not), productivist ideologies of subjectivity and (neo)liberal individualism. He is interested in using critical theory and rhythmanalysis to explore anxiety and depression as individuated symptoms of productivist (neo)liberal individualism, i.e. and generalized affects of Post-Fordist capitalism, or alienation in the digital age. He is also generally interested in the ways technology transforms the experience of space, time, (space-time), and knowledge. For instance, how do technologies of “big data” transform the philosophical conception and the lived experience of subjectivity?

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