T.L. Cowan is the FemTechNet Chair of Experimental Pedagogies in the School of Media Studies and teaches at Eugene Lang College in Culture & Media, Gender Studies and Integrated Arts at The New School.

T.L.’s current academic work focuses on the cultural and intellectual economies and social lives of trans- feminist and queer performance. Her recent articles include “The Labour of Being Studied in a Free Love Economy” (ephemera, 2014); “Speculative Praxis Towards a Queer Feminist Anti-Archive” (Ada, 2014);“Trading Credit for Debt: Queer History-Making and Debt Culture” (WSQ 2014); and the forthcoming “Transfeminist kill/joys: Rage, Love, Reparative Performance” (Transgender Studies Quarterly 2014).

T.L. also coordinates FemTechNet’s program for developing cyberfeminist approaches to online education and connecting with other digital pedagogical publics. 

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