Sylvie Delacroix is Professor in Law and Ethics at University of Birmingham. Her research focuses on the intersection between law and ethics, with a particular interest in the design of computer systems meant for morally-loaded contexts. She is also considering the potential inherent in bottom-up Data Trusts as a way of reversing the current top-down, fire-brigade approach to data governance. She co-chairs the Data Trust Initiative, which is funded by the McGovern Foundation:  

Sylvie has served on the Public Policy Commission on the use of algorithms in the justice system (Law Society of England and Wales) and the Data Trusts Policy group (under the auspices of the UK AI Council). She is also a fellow of the Alan Turing Institute and a Mozilla fellow. Professor Delacroix’s work has notably been funded by the Wellcome Trust, the NHS and the Leverhulme Trust, from whom she received the Leverhulme Prize. Her latest book Habitual Ethics? is forthcoming with Bloomsbury / Hart Publishing in 2022.