Sito Veracruz is an entrepreneur and urban consultant established in Amsterdam since 2012. He is a member of the platform FairCity Amsterdam and one of the inspirers of ‘FairBnB.’ His specialties are the creation of interactive city tools and the integration of technology and participation in urban policies. In the last 2 years, he has performed research and consultancy on P2P short-stay rentals for several institutions. In order to approach the collaborative economy from an urban commons perspective, he advocates for the need of combining strong regulations with participatory bottom-up projects able to keep this economy as a real non-extractive alternative, positive both for cities and citizens. Besides this, Sito is currently developing with the City of Amsterdam a new management system for the bikes in the city with his project Smart Fiets.

Veracruz is trying to create an alternative to Airbnb: Fairbnb. He proposes a short-stay rental platform that is beneficial to the city – with hosts who are registered with the council, and neighbors who are involved in the management of the platform. “I am talking about a platform that really complies with the principles of a fair, non-extractive and collaborative economy,” Veracruz said to the Guardian. “We would like to encourage visitors to stay in areas where they are not a disturbance, but could add something to the neighborhood.