Sascha Kellert is a serial-entrepreneur and Berlin-based founder of Rekursive, an early-stage startup working to build the ownership economy by making it easier for anyone to share ownership of their companies and projects – whether a startup, cooperative, creator or LLC. Rekursive is founded on the core belief that ownership and power should be distributed based on contribution of value, not just capital invested. The first product is built on the Ethereum blockchain network, and the company aims to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 companies by serving both communities. 

Sascha studied Systems Theory at Bayes Business School in London and wrote his thesis on “Viable Business Model Design using Biomimicry”, exploring how to design viable businesses using patterns and blueprints from nature. Over the last decade he has been developing practices and tools for the alternative ownership economy, while building his last two VC-funded SaaS/platform startups. Between various speaking engagements at European tech conferences, he has been a guest lecturer at ESCP and Bayes London and currently serves as an angel and advisor to other startups in Berlin. He has also recently spoken on topics of “fractal governance” and “recursive organisational design and ownership” on the Boundaryless Conversations podcast and the Metagovernance Seminar.