Sandrino Graceffa is the CEO of the european cooperative He has been managing businesses in the social economy in France and Belgium since 1991. In 2008, he initiated Smart in France. Since 2014, he has managed the European group Smart in Brussels, Belgium. Smart is a European cooperative of self-employed workers (i.e. freelancers) from all backgrounds and offers a set of shared services (legal, financial, administrative, training, economic support, shared workspaces), thereby enabling them to develop their professional activities in complete autonomy. The status of entrepreneur-employee within the Smart shared structure makes it possible to reconcile social protection with a true entrepreneurial dynamic. Smart is present in 40 cities in 9 different European countries. By 2018 it had a turnover of nearly 200 millions euros supporting more than 120.000 workers in Europe since its creation. Sandrino Graceffa is also a recognized speaker on developments in the world of work and social protection. He is an Ashoka Fellow and is the author of the 2016 book titled, Reinvent the World of Work: An Alternative to the Uberization of the Economy.