Rylan Peery began working in the technology industry during the late 90s when he graduated from Stanford University on a mission to serve the earth and its inhabitants. He began his journey by understanding the capital needs of technology startup ventures working at a boutique venture capital firm. From there, Rylan embarked on a long journey as a technology entrepreneur working through the various aspects of social enterprise development from business strategy to fundraising to front-end coding. On the basis of his diverse experience, Rylan co-founded CoLab to serve peers and partners with insights gleamed from years in the trenches. Today he collaborates with mission driven entrepreneurs and organizations like Coopify to co-create a brighter future one human interaction at a time. Rylan serves as CoLab’s senior business strategist and product design lead.<

Coopify is a platform co-op for connecting the NYC community with co-op service providers that is unveiling its Friends and Family Launch at Platform Cooperativism this year. When you purchase services through Coopify, you support local providers, receive a better quality of service, and can expect higher accountability from long-term relationships. Ecomundo Cleaning Cooperative, United Handymen, Sunset Scholars Tutoring Cooperative, Trusty Amigos Dog Walking and Pet Care Cooperative, are among the first pioneering cooperatives to launch America’s first cooperative home services app. From house-cleaning to dog-walking to handymen, New York city residents have a unique opportunity to purchase services online that both meet their own needs while moving their neighborhoods towards a socially just economy. With Coopify, you can enter the details of your specific needs and get help connecting with a service provider working in your neighborhood. Booking and payment are handled online with funds going directly to local co-ops including convenient options for building long-term relationships with caring workers. With Coopify, you can help build a local, just economy.

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