Rhea Alexander is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Design & Management in the School of Design Strategies at Parsons School of Design. She is an affiliate faculty at the Tishman Environment and Design Center and in 2023/2024, Affiliate Faculty at the Platform Cooperativism Consortium. With a focus on combining theory and practice, Alexander encourages her students to use design as a tool for positive change. Her expertise lies in strategic design education, where she promotes design strategies as a means to solve complex problems. Alexander emphasizes holistic systems thinking and empowers students to be active learners. She advocates for design-driven methods and has contributed to Parsons’ leadership in entrepreneurship education. Additionally, Alexander emphasizes equitable design practices, co-creation with marginalized communities, and reducing harmful conditions and bias. Before her faculty appointment, she had a successful career as an impact entrepreneur in architecture and product design. Alexander founded multiple ventures, including D.I.G.S., a sustainable wholesale design company, and, a consulting cooperative promoting equitable practices. She has consulted for NGOs, worked with SMEs and artisans in various countries, and currently serves as a board member of NYCIC, focusing on underserved entrepreneurs. As the founder and director of Parsons Elab, she created an interdisciplinary space for collaboration and entrepreneurship initiatives. Alexander’s work extends to publishing a book, “A Design Driven Guide for Entrepreneurs,” and speaking at conferences and workshops.