Rafael Zanatta is a Brazilian activist and lawyer. He is one of the leading voices in the movement of digital rights in Brazil and helped in the enactment of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law. In 2016, together with other activists, he co-founded the Coalition “Direitos na Rede”, a network of think tanks, NGOs, and research centers. Zanatta is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of São Paulo, where he founded the Center of Ethics, Technology and Digital Economies with Prof. Ricardo Abramovay, and the director of the non-profit organization Data Privacy Brasil. He translated Trebor Scholz’ book “Platform Cooperativism” into Portuguese and organized the book “Sharing Economies and the Law.” He holds an LL.M in Law and Political Economy at the University of Turin and a Master of Science at the University of São Paulo Faculty of Law. He is a member of the Latin American Network of Surveillance, Technology and Society Studies (Lavits).

As an ICDE fellow, Zanatta will research the digital transformation of the Brazilian cooperative movement and its attendant network of agents (federal and state-level system, hubs of innovation, cooperative schools, investors and activists).