Nicolas Colin. 37-year-old. Co-founder & Partner, TheFamily, with Alice Zagury and Oussama Ammar. Member of the Board, Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés. Formerly in charge, with Pierre Collin (conseiller d’Etat), of a report commissionned by the French Government about the tax system and the digital economy. As such, ranked in the top ten of the #GlobalTax50 in 2013. Co-author, with Henri Verdier, of L’Âge de la multitude. Graduated from Telecom Bretagne with a major in computer science. Graduated from the Institut d’études politiques (Sciences Po) with a major in public administration and a minor in American studies. Graduated from the École nationale d’administration (ENA) before becoming an inspecteur des finances at the Inspection générale des finances. Former co-chief of staff for the “Zelnik Task Force”. Founder and former CEO of 1x1connect, co-founder of Stand Alone Media. Teaches at Telecom Bretagne and at Sciences Po. Member of the board of the Rules for Growth Institute.

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