McKenzie Jones is an off-grid farmer turned social scientist bringing a deep commitment to service and equity into her work with CoLab Cooperative. She received a BS in Human Development and Family Studies from The Pennsylvania State University and an MS in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University. She has stewarded radical organizations such as the Center for Sustainability in State College, PA and Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative in Ithaca, NY and has been a strong advocate for affordable housing while serving on the City of Ithaca Planning and Development Board for the past seven years. McKenzie is a founding member of the Aurora Pocket Neighborhood Cooperative, a co-owned, urban, intentional community that she still calls home with her two children. McKenzie is a manager with CoLab Cooperative and believes in worker ownership as a pathway out of oppressive economics toward a just working environment for all. McKenzie enjoys riding her homemade bike, going on road trips with her kids, and her band Strange Heavy.