Founder of the magazine Alternativas Económicas, Vilnitzky is a journalist specialized in social economy issues, with several years of dedication to the cooperative movement. She is also a former editor of La Nación Press Group in Buenos Aires. Today Vilnitzky is engaged in promoting, with Jose Grau, Daniel Tamajón and Margot Pascual, the International Platform Coop “Holiday Exchange” (HEC). The monopolistic practices that are taking place at the home exchange market have monetized and weakened the old swap atmosphere. A worker/consumer owned coop will permanently guarantee the philosophy of the exchanges (cultural exchange, peace, solidarity, friendship…); and that the data of its members will not be transferred to third parties, as has happened elsewhere. Although investors are very welcome, good part of the trading surplus will be used to promote projects of responsible tourism, tackling climate change, poverty and inequality, according to policies decided by the members.