Maggie is a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab and a researcher within the Lab for Social Machines. With a background in social science and design, Maggie dove into the world of computational social sciences and helped build classifiers for Electome, a project that analyzed the social media discussion on the 2016 presidential election. In 2018, her thesis analyzed and visualized the public’s response to and polarization around mass shootings on Twitter, and she observed concerning public discourse. As a part of her graduate studies, she contributed to projects like the Local Voices Network in an effort to nurse maladies in the public sphere through in person facilitated conversations and participatory media.

Now, in an attempt to aid remote and online group collaboration and cooperation, she is designing and developing online environments informed by and modeled after ancient social technologies like Circle Process. In the long term, she’s interested in designing these environments with modern grassroots movements and co-ops in mind, hoping to support their mission of radical, transformative social change by enabling structurally sustainable, bottom up facilitation and decision making methods online.

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