Macarena is the Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universidad Autónoma de Chile. She is the Principal investigator of “International Migration and Platform Economy in Chile: Trajectories, experiences and resistance of migrant workers in the digital age” and co-investigator of “Building the future from Chile: Internships, imagination and rootedness among Venezuelan, Colombian and Haitian migrants residing in Santiago and Valparaíso”. She has been a co-researcher at the Fairwork Foundation (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford) in Chile. She is the winner of the LASA/OXFAM Martin Diskin Dissertation Award 2020 for her doctoral thesis on racism and exclusion of migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean in Chile. 

Her research is focused on the areas of migration, ethnicity, “race” and racism, racialization processes, sociology of racism, urban studies, and the gig economy, from an ethnographic perspective. Her current research explores the insertion of migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean into the economy of digital platforms (food delivery applications) or “gig economy” in Chile, examining the trajectories, experiences, and forms of resistance in terms of migratory status, ethnicity, and gender.

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