Louis Cousin is a Ph.D. student at Laval University (Canada) and Paris-Saclay University (France). He has been a cooperative entrepreneur and researcher for almost 10 years. Cousin designs, coordinates, and studies innovation projects contributing to the development of cooperatives around the world.

Cousin’s ICDE research report will focus on the role of cooperative associations in the development and adoption of information technologies. Following an organizing vision perspective, he will identify the factors influencing associations in advancing strategies aimed at guiding their members when making decisions about technology that are compatible with their cooperative identity. More specifically, the research will focus on technology solutions that are based on “Solid,” a new project about data ownership and open standards led by Professor Tim Berners-Lee at MIT. Solid aims for universal and decentralized interoperability of data, which could play a significant role in bringing the 6th cooperative principle (cooperation among cooperatives) to the digital economy.