Dr. Jose Mari Luzarraga is the co-founder of LEINN & Mondragon Team Academy (MTA World), an international community with 2.122 team-entrepreneurs in 115 team companies (startup co-ops); 13 MTA Social Innovation Labs operating in four different continents (Europe, Asia, America, and Africa).  He is an ASHOKA Fellow social entrepreneur since December 2015.

Since 2004, as a professor at Mondragon University, he has lectured on global business, worker co-operatives, and social entrepreneurship. He is an international researcher at the MONDRAGON Innovation Knowledge center. In June 2008, he presented his PhD thesis: ‘Mondragon’s Multilocalization Strategy: Innovating Human-Centered Globalization.’

Jose has given talks at several international conferences in India, Norway, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, USA (World Bank Youth Summit), Saudi Arabia, China, and Brazil. He has collaborated in the past with different universities such as CEIBS (Shanghai), Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), and Harvard Business School (Cambridge). As a serial social entrepreneur, Luzarraga has co-founded co-ops & social business startups such as Viaje Solidario (2004), Empatya Consulting (2005), EusKalAsia (2006), Mondragon Team Academy – MTA (2008), TZBZ S.Coop (2012), MTA China (2014), MTA Talisman (2015), Impact HUB Shanghai (2016), INNKUBO BlockChainTechnologies (2018), ABORA SLL (2018), MTA Afrika S.Coop (2019). Jose is a member of the Advisory Board of TZBZ S.Coop, DOT S.Coop, WATS Ltd, and OX Riders Ltd.