Joanne Armitage is a Visiting Scholar at the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society where she contributes to The Institute for Rebooting Social Media. Her research at the Institute focuses on how social media technologies can be re-imagined through low, slow and no technology practices. 

Joanne is a live coder, digital artist and creative technologist as well as Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Leeds, UK.  She holds the Daphne Oram Award for Digital Innovation and the Francis Chagrin Award and has worked extensively as a creative sound and media practitioner, developing bespoke installations, commissions and performances with artists across the globe. Through her research, she explores digital technology through practice and engagement with communities and activists. She employs participatory, digital and empirical methods to examine technologies in the context of inequality, sustainability and environmental justice. With this, she works with expert and non-expert groups to explore how technologies facilitate different practices and political agency. She is Principal Investigator of the projects Sustainable Marking for Feminist Action (2020–2022) and Equally Digital, Digitally Equal (2020–2021). 

From 2019–2020 she completed her postdoctoral work in the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. Here she contributed to the AirKit proof of concept project as part of the Citizen Sense research group. She is affiliated with the Planetary Praxisresearch group at the University of Cambridge and the Digital Cultures research group at the University of Leeds.

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