Gabo Camnitzer is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working at the intersection of experimental pedagogy and sculpture. Through installations and workshops which place emphasis on embodied learning processes, Camnitzer develops sites for experimentation with alternative forms of meaning-making. Drawing on his experience working in early childhood education, Camnitzer often works collaboratively with children to examine the interplay of agency and social structure in subject formation.

Camnitzer has presented projects at Queens Museum, New York; GfZK, Leipzig; Artists Space, New York; Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm; Nurture Art, New York; Gertrude Contemporary Art Center, Melbourne; and Kunstsaele, Berlin, among others. He received an MFA from Valand Academy and attended the Whitney Independent Study Program. In 2015 he received a research fellowship from The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden. He currently sits on the editorial board of the art journal, Paletten. Camnitzer is Visiting Assistant Professor in Visual Art at Columbia University, New York.

At Who Owns the World, Gabo Camnitzer and The Sixth Street Community Center (SSCC) will facilitate children in developing alternative modes of protesting for climate justice. Engaging with the radical history of children’s strikes of the past 200 years, children at SSCC are developing their own forms of protest.