Erika Logie is a user experience designer and social entrepreneur who is passionate about connecting people across the globe through clear and simple, user friendly design that also allows marginalized voices to take part. She is the UX/UI designer and front-end programmer for Yellow Seed, the collaborative trade system that helps cacao farmers to connect with new markets through a transparent and ethical platform.

Erika also co-founded NuMundo, an online platform to connect people with transformational educational and travel experiences at permaculture farms, eco villages, and intentional communities around the world. She was the first non-founder member of an intentional community project in Nicaragua, where she lived and worked for 3 years. In 2016 she co-founded the Conscious Freelancer Network, a cooperative that connects freelancers in tech and other industries to meaningful projects.

Yellow Seed digital platform engages new voices to provide more choices from the millions of small farmers left out of today’s markets, to the growing base of buyers, importers and intermediaries looking for resources that exist but are currently invisible. Our pilot connects global cacao farmers in the heart of the Amazon, with chocolate makers desperate to find them, in a new form of trade grounded in transparency to build trust with each transaction. Farmers can share their stories and products, access new markets and build consistent trading relationships, while buyers can find new farms, read product reviews and connect with service providers to facilitate trade. Yellow Seed believes that small-scale farmers should be meaningfully engaged as partners in the management of our food supply systems and the environmental services that underpin them.