Daniel R. Schlademan is in charge of fighting the world largest corporation. As campaign director of Making Change at Walmart, a project of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, he is at the forefront of an innovative global campaign to hold Walmart accountable to its workers and communities. Before working to help raise the voices of Wal-Mart employees, Schlademan, a graduate of Rutgers University, led several of the Service Employees International Union’s most successful campaigns among low-wage workers. In 2000, Schlademan helped thousands of once low-wage property service employees in suburban Chicago win their first union contract after a successful two-week strike in 2000. In 2006, he directed the Justice for Janitors campaign in Houston, one of the most successful large-scale union organizing drives in the South in recent years. Confronting a right-to-work environment and establishing rights for immigrant workers, many of whom are undocumented, Schlademan helped workers win union representation, health care and better jobs for more than 5,000 janitors after a successful four-week strike.

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