Christina McPhee (born Los Angeles, based in central coast and San Francisco, California) develops remote performance works, siteabstractiondrawing, and landscape assemblage in film and photography. She was a participating editor at Documenta 12 for -empyre-, Sydney. She was an invited artist in Violence of Participation at the Lyon Biennial 2007. Tesserae of Venus, a science ction assemblage, is at Silverman Gallery San Francisco through December 5, 2009. Recent exhibitions include Carrizo-Park eld Diaries at the American University Museum. Her most recent commission was for Thresholds Artspace Perth, with La Conchita mon Amour, also a project with support from the Experimental Television Center. She lectures in the Digital Arts and New Media graduate program, University of California at Santa Cruz. Her new media writing and artwork appear on DrunkenBoat, Soundtoys, Rhizome Artbase, and Neural.