Christina Colclough – regarded as a thought leader on the futures of work(ers) and the politics of digital technology – is an advocate for the workers’ voice. She has extensive global labour movement experience, where she led their future of work policies, advocacy and strategies for a number of years.

Christina is a globally sought-after keynote speaker and workshop trainer with over 300 speeches and trainings the last 3 years. She also has co-developed WeClock, an opensource app that aims to empower workers through the responsible gathering and use of data. Furthermore, Christina created the Why Not Lab as a dedication to improving workers’ digital rights. She is included in the all-time Hall of Fame of the world’s most brilliant women in AI Ethics. See Christina’s wikipedia page here.

​Christina is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK; a member of the Steering Committee of the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI); and she is Advisory Board member of Carnegie Council’s new AI and Equality Initiative. She is, furthermore, a member of the OECD One AI Expert Group, and is affiliated to FAOS, the Employment Relations Research Center at Copenhagen University.