Christian Sweeney serves as the Deputy Organizing Director of the AFL-CIO, the umbrella federation for U.S. unions, with 56 unions representing 12.5 million working men and women. From higher education and gaming, to taxi and childcare, Sweeney has assisted workers from diverse industries and backgrounds in forming unions. Most recently, he has worked with taxi drivers forming union worker cooperatives.

Prior to coming to the federation, Sweeney worked in organizing for the International Union, UAW for over ten years where he helped lead successful organizing campaigns for over 60,000 workers. He was the first president of UAW Local 2865, the union for 12,000 academic student employees in the University of California system.

Christian Sweeney is involved with starting a network of AFL-CIO affiliated unions and allies who are starting union worker co-ops in various sectors – transportation, construction, food processing, and manufacturing. They are working jointly on matters of governance, finance, and worker organizing.