Antonio Fici is an Associate Professor of Private Law at the University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy. With expertise in cooperative law, nonprofit and third sector law, as well as unconventional forms of enterprises like social enterprises and social economy organizations, Antonio is recognized as a lawyer, scholar, and international consultant in these fields. With over twenty years of experience, his expertise lies in organizational law, particularly in the areas of cooperative societies, consortia, non-profit entities, the third sector, social enterprises, and social cooperatives. He has authored numerous publications, including internationally recognized works, and has curated research reports commissioned by institutions like the European Commission and Parliament. Professor Fici has been a keynote speaker at various conferences in Italy and abroad and has successfully led international research groups. He also served as a consultant to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, contributing to the drafting of reform decrees for the third sector. Currently, he holds the position of Scientific Director at Terzjus, an observatory focused on third sector law, philanthropy, and social enterprise.