Aitor Lizartza Martin is the co-founder of Mondragon Team Academy’s entrepreneurship unit in Mondragon University, which started in 2008, and has been closely involved in the design of the degree in entrepreneurial leadership and innovation (LEINN), (which has been verified by ANECA, as the Spanish accreditation entity, in 2009).

Since 2016, Aitor directs the Mondragon Team Academy-Entrepreneurship unit. The network of Mondragon Team Academy currently has a community of more than 2000 people who have been involved LEINN degree and graduate programs in entrepreneurship, 10 Laboratories of entrepreneurship (Irún, Oñate, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Querétaro and Seoul, Shanghai) and has created more than 50 companies & startups.

Aitor received a Ph.D. from Mondragon Unibertsitatea in business management. His thesis was: “Key factors for the creation of biotech companies in the Basque country.” He has participated in several research projects in entrepreneurship and innovation. He received a Masters from Jyväskylä Applied Sciences University (Tiimiakatemia Finland) in Teamcoaching Entrepreneurial Teams.