Jesse is a humanistic storyteller focusing on working with clients and teams that align with values first. He spent the last 15 years developing and honing his storytelling crafts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and New York City. He is now back in the Hudson Valley where it all started. He co-founded and ran The Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine for 7 years, unknowing at the time that he was setting himself up with a passion in the localism movement. Having filmed on mountains in Alaska to the streets of Rwanda to studios in Brooklyn, he specializes in all aspects of cinematography and is very comfortable in any situation he may find himself in. Jesse also takes projects from conception to completion with a skill set that includes: writing, producing, directing, and editing. Looking for deeper connection and collaboration, Jesse is now focusing his efforts on building and understanding platform cooperatives to challenge the current distribution models. He is a co-founder of Hudsy TV, a platform cooperative focused on localized storytelling in the Hudson Valley. He strongly believes in the power of storytelling and the collective power we hold as artists.