Harinjaka Ratozamanana is a social innovator dedicated to improving the lives of people in Madagascar. He co-founded and led the Habaka Innovation Hub, a non-profit organization that empowers local youth through technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The government of Madagascar appointed him to oversee the Private Sector and Digital Development, where he collaborated with experts and stakeholders to implement Madagascar’s National Strategy for Cooperative Development.

Harinjaka sees cooperativism as aligned with Madagascar’s spirit of “Fihavanana,” a Malagasy term and philosophy that represents the cultural concept of social unity, solidarity, and mutual aid deeply rooted in Malagasy society. His ICDE research report focuses on a “regional platform co-op” as a key solution to restore dignity, achieve climate change adaptation, and deliver environmental justice for a country where famine and poverty are the first in modern history solely caused by global warming.